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Use Water Wisely

Using water wisely means saving it when you can, and not wasting it. Saving water is good for the earth, your family, and your community:

  • When you use water wisely, you help the environment. You save water for fish and animals. You help preserve drinking water supplies. And the less water you send down the drain, the less work our wastewater treatment plants have to do to make it clean again.
  • When you use water wisely, you save energy. You save the energy that your water supplier uses to treat and move water to you, and the energy your family or your school uses to heat your water.
  • When you use water wisely, you save money. If you use less water, your family and your school will have more money left to spend on other things.


Can you guess which item in your home uses the most water? It’s the toilet! If your home was built before 1993 and the toilet has never been replaced, it probably uses 3.6 gallons per flush. Newer water-saving toilets use less than half that. A family of four can save about 15,000 gallons of water per year by installing a new water-saving toilet.