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Shirts drying on clothesline


Clothes pinned to clothesline

Line Dry

Do you do your own laundry, or help your family with your household laundry? If so, you can help save energy and reduce your family’s energy bill by line drying your clothes on a rack or clothesline instead of in the dryer.

Here are some good reasons to line dry your clothing:

  • Line drying saves energy and helps the environment. Clothes dryers run on electricity or natural gas, so they contribute to CO2 emissions. Line drying produces no CO2.
  • Line drying saves money. Line drying instead of using an electric or gas-powered clothes dryer can save most families at least $100 per year.
  • Clothes dried on a line last longer than clothing put through the dryer. Have you ever cleaned out the lint filter on your dryer? All that lint is fabric that wears off your clothes from the dryer’s heat and tumbling action.

You can line dry even if you don’t live in a warm climate! Put a clothing rack in your laundry room or basement, above the dryer.


Line drying is what everyone did with their laundry before the first clothes dryer was invented in 1935. Now, clothes dryers account for about 6% of the typical home energy bill.