School Energy InspectionPrint

Most schools spend more money on energy than on computers and textbooks combined!

Print this checklist and do this inspection with your class to find out how you can help reduce energy waste at your school. Post your completed checklist to remind everyone in your classroom how to save.

Home Energy Inspection
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1. Do you turn off lights when you leave the classroom at recess, lunch, and after school?

2. Do you power down computers when they are not in use?

3. Have you made sure books or furniture do not block the
heating and cooling vents in your classroom?

4. Do you keep your classroom doors and windows closed when heating or air conditioning is running?

5. Do you turn off the water in the bathroom when you finish using it?

6. Do you report any water leaks you find to your teacher or school custodian?

7. Do you use two sides of each piece of paper whenever possible?

8. Do you put used-up paper, bottles, and cans in a recycling bin?

9. Do your doors and windows have weatherstripping and caulk to block drafts?

10. Do you pack a healthy lunch with reusable containers instead of disposable packaging?

11. Do you walk or bike to school (with the permission of your parent or guardian) whenever possible?