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Gas pipes





Call 811 before you dig

Know Your Pipelines

In Your Home

  • Small pipes run from the walls, ceilings, or floors in your home to bring natural gas to appliances. If you play with these pipes or hang heavy objects from them, you could loosen the connections and cause a natural gas leak. Stay away from these pipes and teach friends and family to do the same.


  • Large natural gas pipelines run under streets and sidewalks, and under yards and homes. If people dig into these pipelines, the pipes can be damaged and natural gas can leak out. If this gas gets ignited, a dangerous fire can result.
  • If you know an adult who is planning a digging project (such as building a home, installing a sprinkler system, or planting a tree), remind them to call the utility locator service at 811 before they start digging. This service will mark the ground to show where underground pipelines and other utilities are located, so no one digs into them. Adults should be sure to wait the required amount of time before digging.

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