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Home Energy Inspection

Is your household doing as much as it can to save energy?

Print this checklist and do this inspection with your parents or another adult. Post your completed checklist to remind your family how to save.

Home Energy Inspection
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1. Do you turn off lights and computers when you are not using them?

2. Do you have compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) in your home?

3. Do you wash most of your laundry in cold water?

4. Do you have energy- and water-saving showerheads?

5. Do you take short showers and/or half-full baths?

6. Do you run full loads in your dishwasher, clothes washer, and dryer?

7. Do you use the “Air Dry” or “No-Heat Dry” setting on your dishwasher?

8. Do you close draperies or blinds to help keep the heat out during the summer and to help keep the heat in during the winter?

9. Do your doors and windows have weatherstripping and caulking to block drafts?

10. Has your family unplugged appliances you rarely use, such as a second refrigerator or freezer?

11. Is regular maintenance done on your heating and cooling system—cleaning or replacing filters monthly and a yearly tune-up?

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